AlexisMonroe Heritage Collection


      Heritage Collection are unique "One of a kind " or Limited edition. Our Hats and Jewelry in this collection are all so very unique.

      The designs are unique and very different each piece was individually designed from the initial sketch to the Leather and fabric picked and used for each clutch, wristlet or purse.

      The purses are made from genuine Pendleton wool blankets or vintage textile fabric and mixed with leather. Each one is unique it has its own character.

      All of the purses are definitely a conversation piece a wearable piece of artwork.

      The detail in each is unique from the hand cut Leather fringe to the tassel or gem used as a closure.

      The purses are made to last and in hopes to be shared as a heirloom to be passed down. They are created and designed with that thought in mind. To be your favorite accessory for years.

      Made in California

      If we are to preserve our Heritage & Culture
      we must continue to create it.
      Embracing my Cultural Heritage with my Passion
      For Design... Boho Beach City Vibes & little bit of Vaquera we bring our Culture and my love for Authentic Pendleton Wool and Authentic woven Serape in our collection.