Repurposed Vintage Luxe


      We add accents from Designer Vintage purses or clothing to our designs to create one of a kind handmade wearable art pieces.  Each peace has been crafted and designed in the USA.

      -Authentic Charms repurposed for jewelry

      - Authentic Leather 

      - Handmade

      - Authentic Cowhide 

      - Due to the natural hides, each bag may have small variations in prints


      These frayed cutoff shorts are crafted from pre-loved handpicked vintage jeans. All of our jeans are one-of-a-kind, 100% vintage levis jeans. They will come to you in their original form. Due to these being one-of-a-kind deimn, the tone of denim of the shorts you receive may vary from what's pictured, but still close in shade.


      IMPORTANT NOTE:   alexisMonroeDesigns is in no way affiliated with Chanel or LV or any other designer brands seen here in any way. We do not claim any rights to their trademarks, symbols, or markings.  We simply have an appreciation for their classic style, and use pieces such as authentic buttons and charms, purses to be re-worked into our own creations.  


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