Indigenous Diamonds


      This collection is a mix of my own love of Calaveras ,Turquoise and Beads. In this Collection I am keeping My Abuelita's memory alive. 

      All my Designs represent the roots of the Indigenous Pride in the beadwork with natural stones, made with my own modern design to represent 'Dia De Los Muertos" all year around.  

      Each design is a wearable piece of art representing my own Cultural roots of being Indigenous and being raised in California with a strong El Paso, Tx and Mexican Heritage.

      As a child my Abuelita was so proud of her Heritage she shared her knowledge and her beliefs with us to always be proud of our Indigenous and Mexican roots. We traveled in Summer to her place of Birth El Paso, Tx and to Mexico. She showed us the difference in the foods and the clothing designs from Native American to the Indigenous in Mexico and the spiritual beliefs. I became fascinated at the age of 10, That is when I started to design.  

      I am now sharing my Indigenous and Tejana Roots with the world.


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